“This project was such a blessing! I worked with a group that all had different diagnoses, yet similar symptoms. It was exciting to see the perspectives of each individual’s struggles portrayed in their projects and relating to them all. This has actually been a healing experience, because I was given the ability to correlate photos with depression and pain.”


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Cheryl's project
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Grief due to the loss of five family members in a two-month time frame, and drinking again after 16 years of sobriety led me to “The Cave.” The cave represents the depth of my depression. I chose the cave, as that is what I called it, and everyone in my life knew it to be. I felt as if I had “gangrene of the soul.” The loneliness, isolation, horror, hopelessness, and despair were indescribably painful. Embedded so deeply in this “pit” I couldn’t see any way out except to die.

I sought help through Columbus Area Inc. It was there that I found non-judgmental help and understanding with the depression, anxiety and alcohol counseling. It was hard to incorporate the 12 steps of recovery again due to my previous years of sobriety. My Moment of Clarity came when I experienced the freedom of not knowing or having to have all the answers. Being on the right medications and being in recovery, I am able to walk with my head up again. From the Darkness and depth of the cave, venturing closer to the light, climbing the 12 steps of recovery every day, and reaching “Freedom.”