“In doing this project, I wanted to say something really heartwarming and inspirational. What I found out is I am tired from stigmas’ draining effects. I photographed hand holding because it is a much nicer concept. It’s a benefit to all involved. However, it also very well may be wishful thinking. I hope our work helps in some way.”

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I am lucky because I have had some support and help along the way. These are some of the people who have helped me along.

Why not be supportive of people with mental health? Despite common belief, we are only as likely to kill you as the next person is.

Is it because we are a burden? With some help we can work and volunteer, and write and have relationships and function at various levels. Without help, we can be a burden, we are alone. Same goes for you.

Don't know what to say? Well, talking to us is just like talking to anyone else. Could be that the conversation isn’t very typical. That tends to be true for me. Why do you need it to be typical?

You could learn a lot from me, even when I am sick. In fact, especially when I am sick. You don’t want to be involved? Why? I mean really, Why? Get your head out of your head.

Without support I would have killed myself a long time ago.

I am pretty likable, if you can open up. Get rid of those preconceived notions. They are keeping you in a box. They serve no other purpose.

And for God’s sake – forget that you are higher than I am. That is not true; I have survived an awful lot. I have raised two well-balanced successful kids. I have gone through periods where I have contributed more than some people even think about. It is all relative. There really is no set standard here. I don’t know why you need to think there is. Be all you can be.

If you become a hand holder, then nobody loses. Self-sufficiency in this society is way overrated. Really, it’s true. At the end of the road, if you can say “Wow, I followed the status quo and I never troubled anyone,” I really don’t think you got the point. All you were was lucky. So, I wonder if you want a society or a wolf pack. If it’s the wolf pack, I am in big trouble again. Big trouble.