“This has been the experience of a lifetime! PhotoVoice has made me take a good look at my life and how far I have come. Doing this project, I have learned that I’m not alone and others should know about mental illness – so I am pleased to be asked to be involved in PhotoVoice.”

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On the road of life, people with Mental Illness should NOT be discarded like trash!

l have been made to feel like l have been discarded, put aside. The road of life has been a struggle for me. I had to work harder than most just to get by.

So please don’t throw people with Mental Illness aside. We need a full life too. A full life for me means sometimes just getting out of bed, my home, being able to search for a job. Sometimes people take these things for granted on the road of life.


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I am made to feel like scum on a pond because I have a Mental Illness. People similar to me live one day at a time just to get by. Life is hard for me, I have my highs and lows. People are not scum just to be washed away. We need the support of society to pick us up and keep us going in the pond of life.

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Do NOT cut off people with Mental Illness!

I have been put down my whole life. I was told l would never measure up to others. I have worked hard to stand up for myself.

So PLEASE DO NOT cut off people with Mental Illness!