benefits application and consultation services

It pays to work!

Are you receiving Social Security benefits? Medicaid or Medicare assistance? Our specially trained benefits consultants can show you how it pays to work. A COVA benefits consultant will review how you can return to work and maintain your vital benefits with careful planning.

Learn how earned income affects SSI/SSDI and medical benefits
It’s difficult not working, and most workers with disabilities want to get back to work. The Social Security Administration has encouraged everyone ready to work to begin employment without risking loss of benefits – health insurance, housing subsidies, income or food stamps.

COVA’s Benefits Specialists show you the income levels you can earn to maintain benefits, and explain how by increasing your monthly income you may be able to gradually transition off benefits and move to independence.

COVA’s experts coordinate all the details with your local Social Security office and your Job and Family Services caseworker.

Develop a Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)
COVA’s Benefits Specialists help you plan out a comprehensive approach where income and other resources are set aside under the PASS program to enable you to obtain a work goal and ultimately become financially self-supporting.

Funds are set aside in a savings program to pay for education, specialized training or impairment-related work expenses for specialized equipment or transportation for you to return to work. You can use the funds to start a business, hire a job coach or pay for any items that assist you in reaching a career goal.

Explore work incentives
Benefits Specialists from COVA can help you navigate the rules with Trial Work Period and Extended Period of Eligibility if you are attempting to return to work. Impairment related work expenses may also be used with the assistance of COVA’s Benefits Specialists to help maximize monthly earnings.

Ensure your applications are complete
COVA’s Benefits Specialists are experienced in all phases of the applications for Medicaid, SSI and SSDI benefits and can assist you with assembling and reviewing the appropriateness of your applications. Assistance with Medicare options, including Part D prescription coverage, is also offered by the Benefits Specialists at COVA.

Our experts have years of experience with the application process and can advise you about which programs match your needs and what medical documentation is required.
Ohio’s Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities is open to individuals with disabilities ages 16 to 64 and provides Medicaid health care coverage. COVA can assist workers with evaluating their qualifications and application materials.

COVA’s services are available through a variety of public and private programs. Families, individuals and agencies can work directly with COVA on a fee basis.

Individuals who are working with the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Social Security Administration may access COVA services through those programs.

For more information, contact:
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