frequently asked questions – for employers

I have a need for part-time or full-time staff. How can COVA help me?
COVA’s vocational specialists match fully screened prospects to the specific skills your job requires. After placement, COVA’s professional staff can provide follow along services at no cost to assure a good transition for the new employee.

Does my company need to provide extra services for an employee coming from COVA?
No. Our professional staff is always available if your team has a question. In general, our participants require few if any job site accommodations.

Do I pay a placement fee?
No. COVA’s services generally are covered through county and state programs assisting people with barriers or disabilities to secure employment.

My group has internships and volunteer options, not paying jobs, right now. Is COVA interested?
Yes, By all means, let us know of any volunteer, job shadowing or intern options your organization can offer. For some of our participants who are new to the job market, a volunteer opportunity may be just the perfect option to explore career interests.

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