frequently asked questions – individuals and families

I haven’t worked for some time. Can COVA help me find a job?
If you have been away from work due to a mental health or a substance abuse issue, a COVA program may be a fit for you.

My family member has never had a job, but would like to work now. Can COVA help?
If your loved one has been treated for mental health or substance abuse issues, contact us. This may be a good fit.

Do I need medical insurance to pay for COVA services?
No. The majority of COVA’s vocational services are not covered by health insurance. Instead, there are a variety of county and state programs that help people with disabilities return to work or secure their first job. Contact us. We can review the eligibility requirements with you.

What if I want to work, but am not sure if I can?
COVA has a readiness program that will help you review employer expectations for you as an employee, the skills required for various types of jobs and strategies for maintaining your health. If you are currently working with a mental health treatment facility in Franklin County and want to explore work, this program could be a match for you to determine your readiness to work.

I already receive Social Security disability benefits, but can I work and still keep my benefits?
Yes, COVA’s benefits specialists can work with you to create a back-to-work financial plan that assures you meet your work goals and benefits needs.

What are the requirements for me to meet with COVA about managing my disability benefits?
COVA works with a number of state, county and federal programs that may cover the cost of your benefits consultations, regardless of the type of disability you may have. Contact us and we walk through the eligibility requirements for each program.

What if I don’t receive disability benefits already, but need to?
Currently, COVA has a contract to provide disability benefits application assistance only in Delaware and Morrow Counties. If you are working with a mental health treatment provider in Delaware or Morrow County, contact COVA. You may be a match for COVA’s application assistance services.

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