mission, vision and values

COVA, the Center of Vocational Alternatives, was founded in 1982.  On July 1, 2014, COVA was acquired by Southeast, Inc.  COVA now offers its vocational programs as a program of Southeast, Inc. serving all of the Central Ohio community.   COVA serves nearly 2,900 Ohioans and 220 businesses annually. Our innovative programming has been recognized nationally with the 2010, 2007 and 2006 Eli Lilly Reintegration Award and the U.S. Secretary of Labor’s New Freedom Initiative Award. Locally COVA has received the United Way’s Franklin County Agency Award of Excellence for 2011-2012.

Our mission
Southeast, Inc. is a comprehensive provider of mental health, chemical dependency, healthcare, and homeless services assisting diverse populations regardless of their economic status. With the belief that all people have the capacity to grow and change, we provide our services to people of all ages, cultures, races, religious preferences, genders, and sexual orientations in order to enhance wellness and recovery, thereby improving families, workplaces, and communities.

Our vision
Diverse community members with mental illnesses and other challenges are fully integrated into the economy and workforce.

Vocational Services Expectations and Values

  1. Right to work. Everyone has a right to work. To deny this right is to discriminate. People can acquire and retain meaningful work when provided opportunities for hope, support, training and learning.
  2. Diversity. Difference is to be celebrated and appreciated.
  3. Personalization. Services must be designed to help each person reach their unique individual dreams and aspirations. Persons served must be actively involved in decisions relating to their services. Customers’ needs and satisfaction are COVA’s top priority.
  4. Choice. All individuals fully share the right to choose careers, lifestyles and their personal path to health and recovery.
  5. Accessibility. Accessibility is assuring services are easily accessible and available to meet the multiple needs of our customers including, but not limited to, facility, services, communication, transportation and attitudes.
  6. Inclusion. Individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment share the right of access to, and participation in, all aspects of the community.
  7. Community Responsiveness. COVA must work in partnership with community members and organizations to respond to dynamic community challenges and needs.
  8. Respect & Dignity. All persons have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  9. Public Stewardship. The community has entrusted COVA with its resources. COVA has the responsibility to use these funds wisely, prudently and responsibly.
  10. Innovation. Opportunities for growth, improvement and innovation arise from unexpected challenges and outcomes. We need to continuously challenge our thoughts, behaviors and attitudes to create and seek alternatives to the status quo.
  11. Health & Wellness. Support of the individual’s mental, physical and spiritual health and wellness is essential to personal, organizational and community well-being and performance.

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