our services and how to get your consumers started

COVA’s award-winning services and innovations assist and support the community in overcoming emotional and other challenges to a productive life, focusing on employment, economic stability and life skills.

Orientation – This one-hour session is the starting point for most people who come to COVA. We will review with your consumers in detail all the program options we offer and which payment options may apply to them and their families. At this session, we will ask them, the prospective participants, to complete a basic application with background details about their disabilities and mental health histories that help us determine which services may be the best match for their needs.

Orientation is held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. at our Columbus office, 3770 North High Street. No pre-registration is required. Personal orientations can be arranged.

To get started, contact Barb Schmitzer at 614-291-0229 or schmitzerb@southeastinc.com.

Personal Vocational Assessment – Following Orientation and the application review, a one-on-one assessment is scheduled to identify work goals, work history, expectations, disability limitations and other factors that will impact career planning. Using this assessment, COVA’s professionals will develop a personal Vocational Plan for each participant, including which COVA programs the participant will join and links with additional health or training services outside of COVA, if needed.

Participants will be directed to group or individual programs based on personal needs. There is no set sequence of programs at COVA.

Job Readiness & Pre-Employment – COVA offers group classes in career readiness, computer skills, typing, and job preparation and searching. We also offer individual career development sessions to help participants with specific issues or challenges encountered in their job search. Click here to learn more and to get started.

Adult Employment – COVA offers job readiness programs for those in the early stages of returning to work or securing their first job, and career development and job placement services for those ready to work. Job readiness sessions focus on managing mental illness and stress in the workplace, goal setting, social skills and networking. Job placement services include matching skills and needs with the right job, application and interview skills development, screened job leads and job-site coaching. Click here to learn more and to get started.

Transition Youth Services – COVA’s experienced professionals work with youth ages 14 to 22 to achieve independent living. Program participants come to us via many avenues – public schools, child welfare, juvenile justice, school counselors and families. Our programs include Aftercare (to help youth transitioning from foster care), CHOICE (vocational training for high schoolers with barriers to successful transition into work) and Independent Living Skills Assessment (evaluations of youths’ ability to live on their own). Click here to learn more and to get started.

Benefits Application and Consultation Services – COVA provides assistance to those who want to become or stay employed by determining how benefits will be affected by earned income. We also assist people not ready for immediate employment. The goal is to enable individuals to maximize their current or potential benefits from sources such as Social Security, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Medicaid, Medicare and others, while becoming or staying employed. Click here to learn more and to get started.

Most COVA services are paid through public funding. If a person does not qualify for funding by an external source, options are available for COVA’s services through self-pay.

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