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"Hi, my name is Cindy Mohr. I was born and grew up in Columbus. I attended the same school system from kindergarten through 12th grade. I received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Franklin University. I currently live on a farm in Bellefontaine, Ohio and enjoy gardening, training a yearling horse and tending to my three hens. Doing PhotoVoice has allowed me to show my feelings without saying them and has been an outstanding experience. Please enjoy my feelings through these picture of nature."



Look at this beautiful sunflower. Do you see stigma? Within the flower, the stigma is part of the reproductive system acting as a female ovary. The stigma traps pollen through the wind or bees.

In mental illness, stigma is not as beautiful as the inside of a flower. It often carries many negative connotations and, at times, much darkness.

S – Suicidal thoughts, social isolation, shunned by family and peers, social phobia, sleep disturbances

T – Truth of the diagnosis and acceptance, traits (learned and natural), treatment plan, trouble coping with stress, traumatic experiences

I – Inherited, institutionalized, impulse control, interest decreased, inability to deal with daily stressors

G – Guilt, grieving, get active to decrease stress, get government more involved in mental illness funding

M – Medications, meditation, mood swings, missed time at work and school, memory diminished

A – Anxiety, abuse, both verbal and physical, appetite changes, anger



As a child I used to lie on the ground and look at the clouds. I envisioned superheroes, animals, and people, playing on the clouds as if a circus was going through town. I often saw cartoon characters, past presidents, and many animals.

As a child I seemed to be different than other children my age. I was quiet, speaking only when I was spoken to; dreaming what circus wagon I would get on. I guess I have had a mental illness most of my life. I was afraid of everything, paranoid that something bad would happen to myself or my family.

Look at these clouds. What do you see? A possible superhero? Mental illness affects my life in many ways. Maybe I’m the ring master of my own circus.



The water that flows under this majestic covered bridge can be calm or flow rapidly … much like having a mental illness. Some days you remain calm and relaxed while other days you feel the water flowing over the rapids, causing you to be anxious, and at times you feel that you are under the water trying to get your breath.

Today with medications and therapy, I believe the water flows quietly under this bridge … allowing me to maneuver the rocks and barriers of my life.