COVA goes green by recycling old equipment

before after
Left: Prior to recycling these computers, COVA's basement was full of unused machines. Right: Post removal.


COVA partnered with Possitivity Green earlier this year to recycle dozens of outdated computers. Through the Possitivity E-Waste Program, COVA was able to get a jump start on spring cleaning while protecting the earth at the same time. And, even better, it didn’t cost COVA a dime.

Through COVA’s Computer Equipment Contribution Program, COVA received a large donation a few years ago, explained Information Technology Specialist Vince Thomas. Some of these computers replaced COVA staff computers. Since then, the collection of contributed computers has grown through several other donations.

"The original idea (for the computer contribution program) was that we were going to refurbish those and give them to our clients,” Vince said.

The first sets of computers were offered to Careers for the Future graduates and other COVA participants who would not otherwise have home access to the technology. Thirty other computers were salvaged, and after becoming a member of the Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher network, COVA was able to equip these computers with a Microsoft operating system and Office software.

“That was a huge jump forward,” Vince said. “It doesn’t cost anything for us to be a part of the program.”

υ For more information on COVA’s Computer Equipment Contribution Program, contact Vince Thomas at 614-294-7117 ext. 237, or υ To learn more about Possitivity’s E-Waste Recycling program, visit their Web site at
The remaining computers, dubbed too old, were stripped for useful parts. Possitivity came to COVA and loaded up the old computers and related equipment, as well as out-of-date cell phones and chargers, printers, and fax machines. The only items they weren’t able to recycle were old monitors, Vince said, because the organization doesn’t have a method to recycle those yet.


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