COVA’s award-winning and innovative services assist and support members of our community in overcoming emotional and other challenges by focusing on employment, economic stability and life skills.

Adult Employment – COVA offers job readiness programs for those in the early stages of recovery and planning a return to work or seeking their first job. COVA provides career development and job placement services for those ready to work.

Job readiness sessions focus on managing mental illness, stress or other barriers in the workplace, along with goal setting, social skills and networking. Job placement includes matching skills and health needs with the right job, application and interview skills development, screened job leads and job-site coaching.

Program Contact: Jonathan Miller

Transition Youth Services – COVA works with youth and young adults ages 14 to 22 to achieve independent living. Program participants come to us via many avenues –schools, child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health practitioners and families. For youth transitioning from foster care, COVA provides services to assist participants to live independently and pursue education and career goals. COVA provides vocational training for high school students with emotional and social barriers to explore career options and successfully transition to work.

Program Contact: Jill Jones

Benefits Application and Consultation Services – COVA provides assistance to those who want to become or stay employed by determining how benefits will be affected by earned income. We also assist people not ready for immediate employment to secure benefits to support their transition to work. The goal is to enable individuals to maximize housing, child care, medical and housing benefits while becoming or staying employed.

Program Contact: Dreanne Zimmerman

RecoveryWorks Services – RecoveryWorks is a revolutionary approach to empower people. We promote self-directed recovery for the whole person through a very personalized approach enabled by technology resources. Recovery is achieved through nourishing every area of life and giving people tools to access the supports and training they need to achieve their goals.

Program Contact: Lisa Allison

Project Work Services – Project Work is a transitional employment program whose goal is to assist individuals with mental health and emotional disabilities to transition from our temporary employment into long term employment in the community either full or part time.

Program Contact: Rich Gilmore

Services for Employers – COVA delivers qualified, skilled employees to the workforce with the support of COVA job coaching. COVA also offers employers links to tax incentives, added diversity and disability management seminars. Learn more about our services for employers.

Most COVA services are provided through publicly funded community programs. If a prospective participant is not eligible for a specific program, options are available for COVA’s services through self-pay.

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