youth services

COVA’s experienced professionals work with youth ages 14 to 22 with mental, emotional and social barriers to transition to work and achieve independent living. Program participants come to us via many avenues – public schools, child welfare, juvenile justice, school counselors and families. Some COVA services are paid through public funding. If a person does not qualify for funding by an external source, options are available for COVA’s services through self-pay.

Our programs include:

COVA’s Aftercare Services for Post-Emancipation Youth
COVA works with young people who must become totally self-supporting once they age out of the child welfare system and are leaving foster care or group home settings.
COVA counselors assist participants with securing housing, developing a plan for furthering their education and creating a career plan. Additionally, COVA works with participants to navigate the daily aspects of living on their own, including setting up bank accounts, managing their finances, eating healthy, using community support networks and securing employment.

Independent Living and Asset Building Skills
COVA’s career developers and counselors can provide families, schools and agencies with detailed assessments of a participant’s independent living capabilities. Counselors complete a thorough evaluation of all major life domains for a participant, including health and safety, employment, financial well-being, community knowledge and continuing education.

Along with the assessment, COVA creates a service plan for the participant to achieve independence.

Work is key to a more rewarding and productive life, and we can help achieve that goal. COVA’s experienced career developers work one-on-one on vital areas of vocational development, including preparing a résumé, online and paper applications, preparing for interviews and managing aspects related to transportation and work attendance.

Concord Counseling Services, COVA and Dublin Counseling Center are collaborating to offer RENEW, an intensive hospital diversion program to serve young adults
aged 18–25 who are being discharged from their first psychiatric hospitalization
at TVBH, private psychiatric inpatient units or Netcare Multi-Day Holdovers.

Program services include: hospital outreach (assessment and linkage), med somatic services, CSPT, individual and group counseling, benefits consultation and vocational services, psycho-educational groups for youth and parents, and support groups (parents/caregivers).

For more information on COVA Youth Services, contact Program Manager Jill Jones at 614-291-0498 or

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